My Work

With over 250 weddings covering the majority of the west coast from San Diego to Vancouver and as far west as Hawaii, I've been blessed with the opportunity to photograph weddings of all religions and cultures. Catholic, Chinese, Hindu, Muslim, Korean, Sikh, Persian, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, Mormon, Egyptian, Irish...Ok, you get it.

While in Southern California, I was personally shooting a total of over 60 weddings and events per year including runway shows and fashion events as the official photographer for LAFW-Los Angeles Fashion Week, and Project Ethos - photographing Project Runway designers, finalists of America's Next Top Model and Grammy award winning artists. I also had a great opportunity working for one of the best photography resources on the internet, SLR Lounge, currently with over 600k social media followers. As an author and editor I also contributed with the production of their online content. From scouting locations, assisting with lighting, filming and producing videos, covering and reporting on photography news and announcements, to representing SLR Lounge at national photography conferences. This led to internal workshops and eventually, training a staff of over 20 photographers. 

Photography Articles I’ve Written

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I've been lucky enough to photograph a handful of great designers, products and events, as well as having my work published online and in print.